SSL VPN connection to SonicWall firewall using only the

Sonicwall SSL VPN or standard PPTP VPN: Which to use May 29, 2015 Using the SonicWALL SSL VPN with Windows domain accounts Jan 18, 2016 SSL VPN connection to SonicWall firewall using only the For Sonicwall (either NSA-series or TZ-series firewalls using SSL-VPN, or SRA-series SSL-VPN appliances) you need to use NetExtender for Windows 8.0 or previous (or Mac OS X 10.8 or previous). Off hand, I know of no way to use the native VPN in Win 8.0 (or earlier) to connect to the SSL-VPN on Sonicwalls, only to the IPSEC/L2TP client VPN. Configuring SonicWALL SSL VPN with LDAP – TechnoGecko

SonicWall UTM SSL VPN Using Tunnel All Mode and Split Mode

Use the web based portal to check your logins are working. For leveraging the Azure AD directly, I havent see this noted as supported by sonicwall and I would not be sending LDAP traffic out the internet (even if you have TLS enabled) unless its in an ipsec vpn tunnel. Setup SSL VPN on a SonicWall Firewall - YouTube Jul 13, 2018

SonicWALL’s SSL VPN features provide secure remote access to the network using the NetExtender client. NetExtender is an SSL VPN client for Windows, Mac, or Linux users that is downloaded transparently and that allows you to run any application securely on the company’s network. It uses Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

Nov 10, 2011 SSL Installation for SonicWALL SSL VPN Installing an SSL Certificate on a Sonic Wall SSL VPN. Instructions for SonicWALL SSL VPN devices. If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see Create a CSR on a SonicWALL SSL VPN. How to Install Your SSL Certificate for SonicWALL SSL VPN