Finally, erase Safari history on iPhone, iPad or iPod right now! After marking all data in the program, you can click "Erase Now" button and type the word of "delete" to confirm your action and begin the whole erasing process. Related Articles: How to Erase iPhone Data without Restoring Permanently.

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Open Safari. To delete a webste from your Safari browser history, tap the Bookmarks icon. Select History. Once in History, you have two options: You can tap Clear. This will allow you to erase your Safari history from a certain time period by choosing from the menu of options: the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all time.

You can easily erase all records that Safari keeps of where you’ve browsed. This not only helps increase your privacy in Safari but also reclaims some of the storage that these files occupy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to erase Safari’s browsing history and data on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. How to delete Safari history and data on Can't erase certain sites from Safari Bookmarks/ History Feb 28, 2014 How to Clear Safari Browsing History on iPhone XR, 11 Pro

How to Delete Safari Browsing History from iPhone/iPad /iPod

In this case, choose 'Erase Private Data', which will remove search history, browsing history, cookies, logs, etc… Click the Start button to let the program scan content and settings on the iPhone The scanning process takes a bit of time, please be patient. How To Delete Safari Search History On iOS Devices Jun 13, 2018 How to Recover Deleted Safari History on iPhone in 2020 Jul 02, 2020 How To Erase Safari Search History On Iphone - The Best Apr 10, 2020