Granted, this defeats the purposes of Time Machine being able to go "back in time," but is an option--if nothing more than a temporary one--to get some form of backup going.

Once you’re in Recovery or Internet Recovery, you’re ready to restore your Time Machine backup: Select ‘Restore From Time Machine Backup.’ Read the warning, and if you’re happy to proceed then click ‘Continue.’ Select the drive containing the Time Machine backup that you want to restore. If the backup is stored on an external disk Nov 07, 2018 · Before you do anything in Time Machine, you always need to see if there is a backup happening at the same time. If so, you should wait for the backup to complete; even after all this time, Time Machine doesn’t handle interruptions very gracefully. You can see the current status of your backup by clicking the Time Machine menu bar icon. 3. 1. IDrive has a Time Machine specific backup utility. It recognizes Time Machine and backs it up to the cloud. 2. Dolly Drive does is similar Time Machine, it backs up your files to the cloud rather than a local drive. 3. Transmit gives the user control over the whole process and it is used to sync your Time Machine to a cloud provider. As far as "support", Apple has always expected that folks that use Time Machine to back up their Macs to a Time Capsule will use the WiFi provided by the Time Capsule, or another Apple AirPort router. So, Apple does not "officially" support backups to a Time Capsule over a third party wireless network. That being said, in most cases users who

It is necessary to keep previous versions of backups, especially for remote backup over the Internet because online file backup will usually be time-consuming. Backup versioning feature will help users can get a correct old version of the backup data locally without remotely backing up data again over the Internet.

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