NetworkManager L2TP VPN on KDE Plasma5

vpn leaks per network - manager - again! : kde that concerns neon/kubuntu, but seems to me to be a general plasma network manager problem. in the previous neon - iso & some updates, there were no more leaks. after years, finally. the problem seemed fixed. the current iso brings back the old privacy-breach behavior. i suggest to delete the option to import ovpn files completely, because this feature only gives the user the impression of How to Setup VPN connection in Kubuntu / KDE Plasma using How to Setup VPN connection in Kubuntu / KDE Plasma using L2TP Protocol. Setting up LimeVPN in Linux – L2TP Setup Instructions for Kubuntu / KDE Plasma. Open Terminal, Applications-> Terminal 2. Install L2TP Network Manager.

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NetworkManager seeks to keep connectivity through Ethernet, WIFI, PPPoE and allows VPN (Virtual Private Network). It has several graphical interfaces for GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon and more, it simplifies the network configuration including network devices, gateways configuration, IP address assignation, VPN, bridges, DNS and additional options.