Personal data is any form of data which can be used to identify an individual, natural person. In data protection and privacy law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is defined beyond the popular usage in which the term personal data can de facto apply to several types of data which make it able to single out or identify a natural person.

Sep 12, 2004 Should IP Address Be Considered Personal Data? | Zunic Law The issue of IP address being considered personal data was discussed in the European Court of Justice verdict on the Patrick Breyer vs Bundesrepublik Deutschland case of October 2016. The importance of this verdict reflects in providing a precise definition on what can be considered personal data, how this data can be used and when is it abused, all in accordance with the former valid EU IP Addresses and the GDPR | DBS Interactive Aug 02, 2018

The AG's concern with this position was that the provider "could keep [the IP address] indefinitely and could request at any time from the Internet access service provider additional data to combine with the IP address in order identify the user" – i.e. it is better to be over protective (by treating the data as personal…

The GDPR states that IP addresses should be considered personal data as it enters the scope of ‘online identifiers’. Of course, in the case of a dynamic IP address – which is changed every time a person connects to a network – there has been some legitimate debate going on as to whether it can truly lead to the identification of a relative (i.e., the IP address is personal data in the ISP's hands, but would not be personal data in the hands of another party that had no lawful means of accessing the information held by the ISP). Although the CJEU did not expressly resolve this question, it is clear from the judgment that the Court adopted the relative criterion.

Jun 23, 2016 · Accordingly, the issue of whether an IP address qualifies as personal data may be viewed as turning on the degree of access to this additional information. Why did the AG issue this opinion? The AG issued his opinion on the status of dynamic IP addresses in connection with the case Patrick Breyer v.

How to satisfy GDPR's consent requirement for IP logging Countless websites are served by webserver software (Apache, nginx, etc.) which logs the source IP address of every web page visit. The GDPR considers an IP address "personal data" that is subject to the GDPR. The GDPR requires consent of the subject for collection or storage of personal data (in this case, IP addresses in a log file). Your dynamic IP address is now protected personal data Oct 19, 2016 Is your IP Address Personal Information? - Privacy - Australia