Oct 19, 2019

Your travel-related COVID-19 questions, answered So, when you buy a ticket, you’re basically agreeing to play by the airline’s rules. “It's just how aggressive airlines want to be,” says Rick Steves, travel writer and owner of Rick Booking tickets for someone else in another country - Air <>. Most airlines I have flown with or bought tickets for my family out of Singapore Changi airport don't ask for credit card at check in, including Singapore Airlines, ANA, United and Turkish Airlines.Just make sure the ticket carries the same name as in passport, particularly if there is

Answer 1 of 10: My Son and his girlfriend are coming home for Christmas from Singapore we want to buy the return air tickets from Singapore to UK. Any issues with doing this? Thank for any help

Mar 06, 2019

How Can I Book a Flight That Lands in One City and Departs

air travel - Is it cheaper to buy flights from abroad This answer is not useful. Show activity on this post. Yes, prices depend on the country you buy them from. Prices are usually really different for pairs of countries with different standards of living. This is one of the pricing techniques to get more revenue (setting the prices based on what people are eager to pay, not on the cost) and the underlying idea is that you can market a flight for a more expensive price in a … Can I buy a flight ticket for someone in another country yes but problem. you can purchase for some one in another country BUT PLZ do it either by cash payment on sales counter or through any agent. If you use credit card for purchasing a ticket of for someone else in another country, at time of check in the airlines may ask for producing the credit card. Buying airline tickets for someone else in another country Re: Buying airline tickets for someone else in another country. 8 years ago. Save. You should really check if the flyer needs the credit card that paid for the tickets with him. A friend of mine was refused at check in and not able to fly home from China because the ticket was booked on her father's cc.